Cryptocurrency influencers are preying on millennials who found salvation in crypto

Blogpost on past & present of investing, focusing on the problem of the difficulty of finding reputable advice on cryptocurrency investments. Also presenting an engine I created to keep a track-record for cryptocurrency influencers, called the Crypto Predictions Tracker.

10 Gotchas for building a universal crypto candlestick iterator in Go

My journey building a universal crypto candlestick iterator in Go, with tips for all the challenges you'll face working with crypto exchanges' APIs.

Running Golang on the browser with WebAssembly and TinyGo

This is the story of how I managed to expose my Golang chess backend project cheesse as a WebAssembly binary, compiled using TinyGo, so JavaScript could use it, without needing a server.

Let's build a SQL parser in Go!

This article aims to be the simplest introduction to constructing an LL(1) parser in Go, in this case for parsing SQL queries. It assumes minimal programming competence (functions, structs, ifs and for-loops).

We saved $50k/y with a tiny Go microservice coded in a Hackathon

In the past few weeks we've rolled out a Go microservice called "KIB" to production, which reduced a huge portion of the infrastructure necessary for Movio's main product, saving considerable AWS bills & maintenance, significantly simplified our architecture and made our product 80% faster on average. We wrote KIB on a Hackathon.

How we improved our workflow by piping sql

I've written a blogpost for Movio about two Go CLI tools we've created, sql and chart, to improve our data tinkering workflow

ostinato: a chess engine written in Scala that runs in the Browser, Docker and the REPL

A chess engine that solves several use-cases that there are no good free online sources for, and a good candidate for AI research or for a backend for chess sites.

Making the move from Scala to Go, and why we’re not going back

I've written a blogpost for Movio about our squad's decision to migrate part of our Scala codebase to Go.

Diffing streams on the terminal

In this blogpost, I describe the most popular tools currently used to diff streams on the terminal, their differences and limitations. Then I introduce a new tool I've developed, sd, to address some of these limitations.

jira-cli: a lightweight bash script for easily querying JIRA

Quick introduction to a bash-based tool for ops and devs to do JIRA-related read-only tasks that is easy to install, configure and use.

Fixing syntax highlighting issues in Sublime Text 3

A straightforward guide to fixing syntax highlighting issues in Sublime Text 3 based on an actual issue I found.